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Colours and fonts









Font – Assistant 200


Heckin Chonker – 75

Main headline – 60

Sub headline – 40

Text – 25


Main BG – #131313

Dark – #080808

White (type) – fdfdff

Grey (type) – a9a9aa

Light Blue – #0059FF

(Gradient – #008CFF)

(options 176AFF 23 106 255 / 86 146 255)

Light Amber – #FFA100

(Gradient – #FFC300)

Original Blue – #1F365C R31,G54,B92

Original Amber – #FFB536 R255, G181, B54




guides at 200, 150

text – calibri, 40

shadow – 90deg 75% 1 5 5

colour overlay – FFC300, linear dodge, 100%

gradient – normal, 90deg, 150%



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